ADVANCEMENTs that ARE leading health forward

ADVANCEMENTs that ARE leading health forward

Healthcare is a multidimensional problem.

Healthcare is a multidimensional problem.

That’s why we’ve built multidimensional solutions.

Our portfolio of products and first-to-market technologies enable healthcare companies to streamline the delivery of solutions and to improve the overall quality of care for everyone.

Regardless of how or where we receive care, when it comes to health, data and technology are driving the long game.

Technology built for health.

Data insights powered for precision.

Data insights powered for precision.

Through data analytics, machine learning and programmatic automation, we interpret the hard- to- read signals of the customer journey and understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. We do this by unifying real-world digital and clinical data to create a unique and precise view of health audiences, that refines, improves and increases its view over time. This enables us to deliver a suite of managed and self-service tools that deliver data insights and allow for the seamless activation of health options.


Healthcare organizations need the data insights, specialization and focus to seamlessly flow through programmatic planning, optimization and activation. Our data technology is designed to engage individuals, their family and their care team to take action and manage outcomes.


With up to 100 billion daily opportunities evaluated, our technology profiles behavior and intent addressable across device, households and locations visited by consumer and HCP audiences. Through our partnerships, we are integrated with the largest warehouses of claims and HCP identity data in the market, giving us the ability to map the US health population. All data is de-identified by our data partners prior to being on-boarded, in compliance with privacy standards and HIPAA regulations.


No other platform offers the same breadth of health specific contextual targeting. Our technology* scans the internet at enormous speed and scale, looking at the content by category, sub-category, keyword and sentiment, and tags every page.

*Supported by 6 granted patents.


Proprietary health targeting tools scan and automatically detect unwanted content through exclusion targeting, sentiment analysis and page-level contextualization, in real time. In addition to pre-bid filters, we maintain a running blacklist which contains sites that have been deemed inappropriate. PulsePoint works with an expert third party partner to reinforce the separation of data and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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We know where we are going. We have the vision, the expertise, and access to empower healthcare organizations to advance into the future.